What to watch on TV for a music festival?

What to watch on TV for a music festival?

Music Festival: 40s of the 80s, France 2 at 9:05 p.m.

Want to celebrate the first day of summer with music while respecting forbidden gestures? So, move your furniture, make room, open your windows and invite a few friends to come and feast on Monday 21st June 2021. On the menu for this special day, a rich and varied musical show to satisfy the audience.

Like France 2 inviting you to celebrate 40s of the 80s In the company of Garrow and Larry Tillman, he was the primary duo of musical evenings in public service. To celebrate this decade to the tune of the greatest achievements of your youth, the best dance will take place live at the Philippe-Chatterjee Court in Roland-Carros.

Special music edition for host Larry Tilleman. “These are two of my favorite playgrounds: because I’ve played them: Fed de la Music with Caro for four years now; Roland-Carros for six years when I was a sports journalist at Eurosport. He explains Western France.

During this eagerly awaited concert, 4,000 spectators will attend the banquet, as well as performances by forty artists such as Vienna and Clara Luciani. Even Benjamin Biole or Kentji Crack. From July 9, before re-investing in concert halls and nightclubs soon, what will allow the French to find the rhythm in the skin?

Mary Obert – Nice to meet you, France 4 at 9:05 p.m.

For music comedy fans, France 4 rebroadcasts the show Nice to meet you Written by Mary Obert on the opera-comic stage in Paris. For this occasion, the young singer will review works that fit the best classics of the genre, such as An American in Paris, Cinderella, But also Umbrellas of Cherbourg Or Mary Bobbins. A great moment to spend time with friends or family while singing these pieces composed by Thomas Enhko (piano), Frederick Lebert (double bass) and Theory Sweet-Flex (drums).

Festival de Ambrone, France 4 at 11:00 p.m.

To extend the evening with the most classic breeze, France 4 invites visitors to discover the Ambrone Baroque Music Festival. The choir, led by the Vox Luminous ensemble under the guidance of Lionel Munier, shares descriptions of the best compositions composed by classical composers such as Jean-Sebastian Bach and George Friedrich Handel. There is nothing better than music to soften habits and spend a beautiful summer evening in front of your TV!

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