The Notting Hill Carnival was canceled for the second time

Une parade colorée du carnaval

The disappointment is immense: our favorite festival, and coincidentally the biggest street party on the continent, will not take place in the city this year. Apparently Govt should be blamed – however, we can comfort ourselves with a little gratitude for the planned online event instead of the promising colorful parades.

Usually, the event welcomes nearly 2 million people. With the spread of the virus, a meeting this year is unlikely in August 2020: this is the first time the festival has taken place on the Internet.

The association’s office said in its headline “This is an incredibly difficult decision.” But the safety of the participants prevails. After all, the organizers point out that they do not plan to reduce it to “spectacular” and “magical” and emphasize the “security and authenticity” it offers online. The recommendation comes from the president, Matthew Philip, who regrets an organization that is too difficult to guarantee public safety. However, we can’t wait to see how this project will work out.

The news is even sadder: this is a historic event that began in 1966 amid police repression of Caribbean communities, some From the Windrush generation. At the same time, the world of education is being agitated and anti-racist movements are taking root: the Sixty-Eight Movement of the Kingdom. This tradition is remarkable: Notting Hill is the second most popular festival in the world after Rio and welcomes internationally renowned artists.

During the festival, a woman from behind was covered by the flag of Trinidad and Tobago

So, this is not a question of celebration, but of diversity, enthusiasm, Dance and musicSo, there is no reason why the planned online collection is missing!

Finally to give us comfort, a good plan is planned locally by other structures, some of which we will provide you with copies soon.

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