The Libyan presidential flight took place in France 7 years later

The Libyan presidential flight took place in France 7 years later

Libyan presidential plane returns to his country after 7 years

Debaye, who welcomed the arrival of the plane to Midiga Airport in the capital Tripoli, issued a press statement on the matter.

Flight return to the country, Libya“It means the return of Turkey’s stability, security, wealth and sovereignty. This is the plane of the Libyan people. FranceHe was forcibly arrested for technical and financial reasons.

In his statement, he said, “Due to the importance of the aircraft, we have made the necessary financial transactions to bring it back. This aircraft is very important for Libya’s sovereignty and its historical value.” Debaye said the Libyan people would decide how the plane should be used.

According to AA’s message; Debaye stressed that there are 12 Libyan planes abroad and that all of these planes used abroad will be brought back to the country.

Also, Debaye noted that two fighter jets located abroad would be withdrawn, and did not provide information on which country the fighter jets were stationed.

Former Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi has used an Airbus A340 presidential plane brought from France. The aircraft in question was shipped to France in 2014 for maintenance and repair work.

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