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Australia: Thousands of Tasmanian demons kill penguins

By Benjamin Voland | On 06/21/2021 at 2:17 pm | Updated 06/21/2021 at 2:51 pm

Re-introduced in 2012 on a small island in the east of Tasmania, Tasmanian demons are responsible for the disappearance of about 3000 pygmy penguins.

To save dangerous creatures, from demons Tasmania Re-launched in 2012 Maria Island, East Tasmania. A rocky island 116 kilometers away, then there were 3,000 people Pygmy Penguins, “Is called Little penguins English In English speaking countries.

Only this initiative had catastrophic consequences on them Bird Life Tasmania, Their entire population would have now disappeared from the island Tasmanian demons. With a number of 28 between 2012-2013, they surpassed one hundred in 2016. Mars is responsible not only for the disappearance of penguins, but also for entire colonies Sheavers with short tails, A seabird.

A catastrophic situation that can be avoided from a report prepared in 2011 Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and the Environment He tried to warn people about the dangers of re-introduction Demons On the island. According to him, the arrival of marsupials on the island will have a negative impact on the colonies Penguins Who lived there. A forecast will then prove to be correct.

Doctor Eric Wohler, President of the Association Bird Life Tasmania Such a decision was disgraceful: ” Loses 3,000 pairs Penguins Being an island’s national park and a haven for this species is a blow He expressed optimism Defender. For his part, one of the spokespersons P.T.D.S. (Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries …) He wanted to promise: ” All effective security programs are adaptive and P.T.D.S. Will continue to evolve based on new scientific knowledge and emerging priorities […] This also applies Maria Island, Active monitoring and management takes place, and is an important part of the devil’s grand agenda to restore and maintain the island’s population. Demons Stable and flexible Tasmania. He pointed out.

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