Australia, beyond dream

Australia Now: Australia, beyond dream

Up to November 7, City of Le Havre Le Havre and drowning tourists in Australian culture “Australia now“. In line with the exhibition organized at the museum and with the planned Australian stop in Le Havre, Museums of Art and History Host, Summer 2021, Three Exhibitions on Hats ” Australia, beyond dream .

Two historical collections: Painted bar of Arnhem land And Paintings of the Papunya Tula community : L‘Papunya Art, debtEmbassy of Australia Related to a specific package: குலதா த்ஜுதா, Between 2018 and 2020 by works produced by APY Art Center Collaborative (South Australia) artists.

All three groups will be distributed over three sites of art and history museums. From historical and contemporary, distinct regions, these three complementary collections echo the primary exhibition presented at the museum and contribute to the interpretation of the richness and diversity of regions and tribal cultures.

An heir to the ancestral traditions, these paintings tell the story of the tribal and island peoples of the Torres Strait through art. Following traditional techniques and forms, they embody the roots and memory of Australia’s “first countries” and form the connection between contemporary Australian work and the most ancient art known to mankind.

Australia, beyond dream
UTA UTA TJANGALA (1926-1990) Papunya | Central Desert | Northern Zone Frightened Snakes 1975 Canvas Acrylic, 160.4 x 126 cm © Artist’s Estate Licensed by the Tribal Artists Institute and Papunya Tula Artists

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