A strange iOS bug may permanently disable the iPhone’s WiFi

A strange iOS bug may permanently disable the iPhone's WiFi

When you scan the area to join WiFi networks, several names will appear. These names are usually chosen by network owners, so sometimes you may find some weird or funny names. However, if you encounter a WiFi network named “% p% s% s% s% s% n”, do not join.

According to security analyst Carl Shoe, there seems to be a strange bug with iOS that does not know how to handle this particular WiFi name. What happens when you sign up permanently disables the iPhone’s WiFi connection. The show also claims that changing the SSID of the hotspot or restarting the phone made a difference.

The only way to fix the problem is to reset the iPhone’s network settings, which is fortunately much easier and less destructive compared to resetting the phone. You can see the video above from the show, which shows that when you try to turn on WiFi again, it still turns off. It is not clear why this is happening now, but some speculate that using “%” may be the problem.

This is because in some programming languages, “%” is used as a string formatting profile, and when iOS sees it, it may try to analyze it, which led to this problem. Strangely, Android does not seem to be affected by this, so for now it seems to be a thing for the iPhone. This is not a bug that could significantly affect the phone, but we hope Apple will fix it soon.

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