UTI representatives aim to remove isolation by 70% vaccination and keep schools open | National

UTI representatives aim to remove isolation by 70% vaccination and keep schools open |  National

A group of union parliamentarians, led by the presidency and the bench’s vice president, promised that it would be “essential” for the health ministry to stimulate the vaccination process by engaging in deregulation of liberties – as per the curfew order – as it did in New York this week, with one per cent vaccinated.

After a meeting between the government and various trade unions and civil society organizations to evaluate possible changes in the Step by Step plan, the chairman and vice chairman of UTI Bank Juan Antonio Coloma and Gustavo Sanhusa, Respectively, with delegates Christian Morera and Christian Labe, They asked the Ministry of Health to remove key restrictions on freedom to the extent that a certain percentage of the target population is vaccinated.

In this regard, considering that 60% of the target audience had been vaccinated with its two doses until yesterday, the union representatives called for the e-mail, which is the% of the vaccine that will come to a definite conclusion when the curfew order 70 reaches compulsory isolation, regardless of whether the exceptional constitutional status is in effect on that day.

“We believe the time has come for the Ministry of Health to take on different responsibilities with Chile, and for the majority to have additional incentives to be vaccinated. We hope they have already done so with the Mobility Pass by giving vaccinated people more freedom, but as a community there should be additional stimulation, which is finally vaccinated,” he said. Do so in order to advance to a greater level of normalcy that will pacify the Chilean people. ”

In these ways, UTI representatives have international evidence in this regard, i.e. in New York State, USA, all restrictions were lifted when 70% of adults were vaccinated with a single dose earlier this week.

“It is unreasonable that we should not take a commitment by electrocution to Chilis because we are vaccinating. In New York, all restrictions were lifted when 70% of adults received at least one dose, and we propose to do so when we have both vaccines instead,” the MP explained. Instead of granting more freedoms, it manages to convince the three million backward Chileans that 100% of the vaccinated target population will be reached sooner than we think. ”

Finally, UTI representatives stressed the need to keep educational institutions open in isolated communes, saying that returning to face-to-face classes is “gradual and safe, but above all voluntary”.

“All international organizations, but mainly UNICEF and UNESCO, have recommended a gradual and safe return to school, and we are confident that most families in our country will agree to send their children to school, especially if we look at the fact that poor students have not even reached 60% of learning compared to last year, from any point of view It is a tragedy, “the MP concluded.

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