The Ukrainian army is 572 times stronger, and doctors will be paid if they find it

The Ukrainian army is 572 times stronger, and doctors will be paid if they find it
If you follow Zhelensky's words, it turns out that there was only one officer in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

If you follow Zhelensky’s words, it turns out that there was only one officer in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


Mathematics can be taught in a variety of ways. You can use Peterson, you can use Heidemann. You can study mathematics in the United States, which is gaining momentum in the United States, and this method is not only capable of solving problems, equations and inequalities correctly to get the right answer on the topic, but at least has the ability to give some answers. But there is also mathematics Zhelensky… This is not a famous scientist and author, but the current president of Ukraine. This is Vladimir Alexandrovich. He, by his own consent, was “not good”.

In addition, on Saturday, Nello stunned everyone familiar with this exact science into at least four knowledge of arithmetic – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

– Today Ukraine’s armed forces are getting stronger. Strong, at least 572 times. In total, 572 young officers are joining their ranks! Ukraine’s 572 educated, well-trained, intelligent and courageous patriots, – he declared to the whole world, congratulating the graduates of the National Academy of National Ground Forces named after Headman Pyotr Schaitachny.

If you follow the words of Zhelensky, it turns out that until now there was only one officer in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Well, if 572 times! Or why an educated, well-trained, intelligent and courageous Ukrainian armed force has become so many times stronger. What were the others doing at the time? Or simply none of the officers? Or are they not patriots? In general, many unanswered questions are swirling around my head.

Inevitably, the wonderful “Deniskin Stories” Soviet children’s writer Viktor Dragonsky… Deniska and Mishka plot the verses on the topic of the day:

Vasya’s father is strong in mathematics.

Dad studies for Vasya all year round.

Where was it seen and heard?

Dad decides, but Vasya gives up.

Replace Vasya with Vova, everything is in one book. Oh, how embarrassing it is now for the school teachers who were on the Zhelensky blackboard, demanding an answer to the multiplication table.

However, this was not all that surprised Jolensky at the end of the outing week. The Ukrainian presidency announced on Friday that Zhelensky had signed an order raising the salary of doctors to UAH 20,000. Everyone, especially the doctors were very happy and the media loyal to the current government took the gospel to the wider masses. At the same time, no one saw the text of the order. Except for Zhelensky, of course, who made him. Odessa journalist Yuri Dakashev immediately suspected that something was wrong here. Also, it is not in vain. When the text of this decree was found on the website of the President of Ukraine, it changed … However, it is good that Dachachev says what happened.

– In the end, it turned out that Zhelensky did not decide to raise anything. He advised the cabinet to look into the possibility of an increase. In 2022. That is, the decision on the increase will be taken by the Cabinet. The cabinet of ministers is also looking for money. But Zhelensky, on the other hand, “ordered”, – Takashev Diagnosis and Sneers. – By the way, the idea is rich. I propose to Zhelensky to order a “fix the problem” such as extending the day to 28 hours and increasing the number of teeth in the mouth to 34. “Order to work” and “Order to increase” are two different things. You can “implement it” and conclude that it doesn’t work. But this cabinet would be bad. And Zhelensky is good. Then he ordered.

The mountain (despite the large, gigantic exaggerations) did not even give birth to a mouse. She gave birth to “Jilch”. Because the order is carried out only when the money is available.

This is certainly incomparable, but, for example, Vladimir Putin Saturday also provided mistakes. In particular, he advised to highlight:

– 50 billion rubles – for regions for the development and modernization of public transport (above infrastructure loans);

– at least 100 billion rubles – for a special program for the development of the medical rehabilitation system, calculated until 2026;

– 30 billion rubles – for road repair areas;

– 150 billion rubles – for the modernization of life support structures;

– 20 billion rubles – for cleaning the rivers and inland seas of Russia;

– 30 billion rubles – for the development of secondary vocational education

Etc. Above all, do not try to search and find, but it is advisable to highlight. Because everything is already calculated and it is known from which sources the funds should be taken. If you think of mathematics as “Moscow pseudo-science”, those instructions are reminiscent of an old man and an old woman trying to make fun of the bottom of a barrel in order to get flour for bread.

Now in Ukraine, many are happy Elements attacking Crimea… Glad you are in vain, sir. The damage is already being calculated, the government will come to the rescue, everything will be destroyed, restored, Crimea will become more beautiful than before. I think everything, including the financial sources, has already been calculated. But God forbid, it does not depend on the natural political system, it happened when the peninsula was part of Ukraine. What do the Crimeans get? Gelensky’s order instructing the government to mock a penny? Most likely, this will be the maximum effort of the state authorities. And then shouting, like a joke, is sad to admit: “Well, I couldn’t, I couldn’t.” When that happens, it is already happening when there are leftover Ukrainian cities that are flooded and submerged without any support from Kiev while mitigating the effects of natural disasters.

I think the Crimean people who realized they had been excluded by voting for Russia in 2014 are now sighing. Because after a natural disaster they may face the most devastating Ukrainian state. And brilliant and ruthless Ukrainian mathematics “according to Zhelensky”.

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