The city of London is rediscovering itself

The city of London is rediscovering itself

The city of London is experiencing a double sentence due to Brexit, as the health crisis and telecommunications have vacated offices in all major cities on the planet. In fact, according to a study by a new financial think tank, the UK withdrawal from the EU will force more than 400 British financial institutions to move their operations, employees and their assets (estimated at ஒரு 1 trillion or அல்லது 1.150 billion) in other European financial centers. So, this city, deserted by its “white collars”, has no choice but to rediscover itself; That’s what she does!

The city of London is rediscovering itself - Istock-Jankellerman

The city of London is rediscovering itself – Istock-Jankellerman

Transfer offices to housing

The city’s London Business District, which has been hit hard by corporate layoffs, has already announced plans to build 1,500 new homes to replace offices by 2030. It was a real revolution for the district, which until now had been fully dedicated to business (24,000 companies in 2019), unlike other business centers in European capitals, already operating in a “hybrid mode” like La Defense. The Parisian business district, in fact, just like the city, thanks to its housing, parks and other roundabouts when vacated by its staff during epidemics.

Make the city a family and friendly place

In anticipation of the fact that the city is struggling to recover once the health crisis is over, its managers have decided to radically change it, as its former professional turmoil and telecommunications persist. As such, the announced 1,500 housing units are just one brick of a broader action plan that the city’s “Lord Mayor” William Russell has shown: “Hope is on the horizon when our economy starts. Reopen and bring back the unity of default. City politician Catherine McKinnon said: “Environmental inclusion, innovation and respect should be at the center of the city of the future. We hope the square mile regains its vibrancy, its vitality”. Plans for new buildings that will begin to thrive in promoter boxes are aimed at gaining not only housing, but also shops, cultural spaces and reception areas for young entrepreneurs who, until now, have always been inaccessible in the center of London. Its purpose is to encourage people to reunite with this district that has been the hallmark of business for decades … families can now walk, cycle or attend events there. Access to vehicles may be restricted on Saturdays and Sundays in the summer, while cultural events will change the bankers ’night-time activity before the epidemic! All new construction planned will be part of a responsible global plan: in particular, they should show low carbon footprints.

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