Podcasts are coming to Facebook on June 22 (scary)

Facebook wants its share of big podcast pockets. A special feature will initially come on June 22nd for a limited number of users.

Facebook A giant who is always hungry. Menlo Park is interested in everything and does not want to miss a single piece of cake. Faced with the excitement of recent years for podcasts, the U.S. agent had to offer a dedicated function. It’s coming up next week, Since June 22nd To be precise.

Podcasts call themselves on Facebook

Podcasts have been around for many, many years, but with epidemics, people have become increasingly interested in them and have found a way to have fun / learn / exchange without leaving their homes. For this reason it is not really surprising to know that Facebook wants to enter this field.

Since June 22nd

According to an article on The Edge, Facebook has been sending out emails to users since June 22, stating that they can add podcasts to their page. According to Facebook, the process is so intuitive that every time we create a new chapter it is immediately featured on the page and users do not have to manually upload or link to it.

That being said, before you start jumping to the ceiling, be aware that Menlo Park explained to The Edge that for now, only a select number of page managers can access this feature. It is necessary to wait until it is used further before using it. In addition to allowing users to share their podcasts on their pages, the US company should also introduce a feature that allows users to create clips of their favorite episodes.

One feature that is very similar to Instagram’s Reel Remix is ​​that it allows you to take a reel from another creator and react to change it creatively.

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