New WhatsApp scams that can delete your account

New WhatsApp scams that can delete your account

Share It is one of the most downloaded applications in the world and the most popular messaging service, which is why it is always in the view of cyber criminals. With the advancement of technology there are new ways to steal data and delete accounts.

Deleting WhatsApp accounts is one of the robberies. The mechanism is as follows: They send a text message to the impersonator like a technical service, and the information may vary, but generally it is always the same message.

“Dear user, we inform you that someone has recently registered a WhatsApp account with their number and we can not determine if the login is valid,” says the victim’s WhatsApp access text.

It continues: “Alerts caused by suspicious login activity cannot be investigated by the WhatsApp support team, as user activity logs may contain confidential and personal information.”

Source: Panda Defense.

The WhatsApp message is followed by a text message with a verification code that is the target of the hack. “We have sent you an identity verification request to verify the source [SMS]. Failure to complete the verification or abandoning the attempt may result in an indefinite suspension. “

All they want is for the victim to lose access to their account and click the SMS to take control. This way they can access conversations, view contact lists, and take personal information.

Herv Lambert, global consumer operations manager at Panda Security, warns that this is a very clever attack because cybercriminals are using the company’s own security measures to undermine one another.

For this reason, it is important not to click on any message or link sent by WhatsApp without first checking with a technician or calling for support. In some countries, such as Spain, this is a crime against privacy One and four years in prison.


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