Netflix: Top 3 Weekend Releases Not to Be Missed!

Netflix: Top 3 des sorties du week-end à ne surtout pas louper !

Netflix has created a stir by putting 3 new seasons online in 3 different series. Fans are delighted with these releases.

Good news for moviegoers! Three perceptions have now been released Surely A spend Netflix Crazy weekend. The series should not be missed. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Netflix is ​​always on top

This It’s been hard to win lately In the stream field. Between Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney + or Netflix, fans of 7th Art have no idea where to turn.

Yet the sites seem right Know what to do to attract the crowd. For example, the VOD service in “My” Rouge tries to integrate original works.

A perfect idea that his community really wants. Also, through its production, the American company founded by Reid Hastings and Mark Randolph is trying Promoting different cultures.

Raknarak Highlights of Norway. Darkness Demonstrates the talents of Germany. Who killed Sarah? Let’s find Mexico. Long-term work with different countries to satisfy as many people as possible.

So at Netflix, there is something for all tastes and all ages. Also, this weekend promises to be very busy. Yes! Video-on-demand service is now launched Keep multiple products online.

Definitely good news for subscribers who were looking forward to it New seasons of the series It came out.

So let’s start with the first one. And not least. This is actually a Spanish creation. Of the great Tario Matrona and Carlos Montero.

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You are not dreaming, New adventureElite Finally available. At least what we can say is that it already talks a lot about this.

Season 4 of the series Elite Is online

Finally! The final season of the Spanish drama thriller has been released on Netflix. So the fans are happy Meet Los Angeles students Discover new ones.

In fact, Some alumni of the show were able to get off the boat To stand on their own two feet towards new projects. This is why a new team has now arrived.

And The characters promise beautiful layers. In fact, a young man with French accents also attended high school. It’s like Paul Philip’s translator.

Except for the Iberian series, Lawyers Cases There are repeats. This is the ninth season of Netflix.

In the plan, new business is normal. As with previous production, Who says new season, new character says! We can’t wait to find out all about this.

Finally, in Season 2 Black summer Posted on Platform. Good news for fans who have been waiting impatiently for this release.

In fact, it has been more than two years since the first part was released. So there is a risk in producing Carl Schaefer’s horrible work Trembling These are very weekend subscribers. So get ready to watch more and more episodes on your screens!