How to block phone calls from banks and ads?

How to block phone calls from banks and ads?

The Phone calls What some people do Banks As well as Advertising agencies They can be very Annoying And aggression too If they are carried out after hours or again, that is why Kandosef And this Profeco They provide you with tools to prevent such calls.

For example, the National Commission for the Protection and Protection of Financial Services Users (KANTUSEF) has a Public Register (REUS) that allows you to register to stop receiving calls from banks. Such as card or insurance to provide their services.

How to block phone calls from banks and ads?

So you can block phone calls from banks. | Photo: Unsplash.

  • To do this, you must enter the REUS website or call 01 800 999 80 80.
  • You will need to provide your full name, home phone number and the cell phone number you no longer want to receive calls from.
  • You must also provide an email.
  • You can even register a friend or family member who does not want to receive these calls.
  • When the registration is successful, you will be presented with a recommended folio.

Keep in mind that this siege against financial institutions will last for two years, indicating from which banks you would like to receive calls.

On the other hand, there are calls to offer you to change cell phone service. To prevent such calls indefinitely, you can register with the PEREP or the Public Register to avoid advertising by the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (PROFECO).

  • Enter the PEREP portal on Profeco.
  • Fill out the form with your phone number or fill out something you do not want to get advertised, do not forget to add Lada.
  • You should specify if you would like to avoid shops, telephone companies and travel services in general.

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