Decorated by a player, Cady’s mother responds in the middle of a game!

Brooklyn Nets' NBA superstar Kevin Durant responded immediately to the Milwaukee Bucks player's tongue-in-cheek advance in Game 7 between the two teams.

David Dove / James Devane

In the front row of the Barclays Center this Saturday, Wanda Turant saw her son Kevin being fired. Before that, he did not hesitate to respond honestly to the progress he had made in his direction ஒரு a Bucks player in the middle of a crowd.

The real 2014 MVP was in place to support the winner of that year’s trophy. To help his son as much as possible with this huge deadline of Game 7 between the Nets and the Bucks, Wanda had set aside his place on the sidelined edge of the Torrent Barclays Center. His presence would have allowed KD to fly over the game, But this is not enough for Brooklyn.

Before Slim Reaper and his associates bowed at the end of the extension, she did everything she could to trigger another decision. When his offspring are treated with the most tendon of his choice, including putting pressure on the arbitrators. Such a streak gave him P.J. Got a hilarious exchange with Tucker.

Wanda Torrent: This is basketball, not American football!

PJ Tucker: I love you.

Wanda Torrent: I love you too!

So Wanda does not seem to have his own bucks. He may have been with his son In the previous series. The scene brought a smile to many viewers. The consolation captured following the final buzzer, the family head wanted to express his pride in his hero.

Again, Wanda Torrent was able to buy the label “Real MVP”, this time by PJ. With a magical conversation with Tucker.

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