Australia: Largest spider webs occupy a region

Australia: Largest spider webs occupy a region

This is an arachnophobic nightmare and a reality in the Gibsland area. As one user revealed in a video posted on Facebook on June 14, the landscape is covered by giant cobwebs in many places.

A Event This is explained after the floods in the region during the week of June 7, 2021, as mentioned by the American Channel CNN. People in many parts of the state of Victoria had to avoid rising water levels after heavy rains. “During this heavy rain, the animals that live on the ground have no choice but to do the same as us: They move high “, Dieter Hochuli, a professor at the University of Sydney, summarizes.

And as a base Geo, These spiders belong to the Stifidae family Their own silk Send them in the air to come safely at height. “These spiders play a major role in controlling pests If you remove the spiders you will be in serious trouble. “, Explains Dr. Lizzie Lowe of the University of Macquarie Conversation.

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