This slows down our galaxy

This slows down our galaxy

According to studies and studies conducted with the European Space Agency’s spacecraft Kia, our galaxy has shrunk by 24% in the last 14 billion years. The cause of this recession is considered to be the dark matter.

Including our planet Milky Way galaxy, Approximately per second 210 km Will be back soon. However, according to recent research, The dark thingLet our galaxy grow bigger every day. Slowly.

Assistant Professor of Astronomy, University of London Ralph Schonrich, “Astronomers have long suspected that our galaxy is declining, but we have found the first evidence of this.

Our galaxy is slowing down

European Space Agency(ESA) spacecraft GayaAccording to the information gathered, about our galaxy 14 billion years Throughout en% 24 Decreased. Kia also orbits the Milky Way galaxy and spins at the speed of our galaxy.Belt of HerculesIt was used for review.

Since the stars in the Berk of Hercules depend on the strength of the center, the rate of rotation of these stars is slow To be pushed out Reasons. Researchers have identified this cosmic displacement Chemical structure of stars He discovered it while researching it. According to extensive research and analysis, our galaxy is down 24%. But the real question is, this recession What it caused.

The dark matter slows down our galaxy

The dark thing

As astronomer Ralph Shonrich explains, “The dark thing is to weigh against our galaxy and slow it down. So far we have found that matter is dark enough to affect the gravitational forces of a visible object.In addition to Shonrich’s explanation, astronomers believe the dark matter remains In all galaxies As well as the Milky Way galaxy. Like a shield He believes he has it. Scientists have discovered the approximation of a visible object in the universe. 5 times darker thing Thinks it is.

In his statement, Shonrich said, “According to our research, it is not the gravitational force of the dark matter that causes this depression, it is its inert mass. If this galaxy were not found in our galaxy, the speed would not decrease.

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