The United Kingdom, Russia, Australia … these are the countries where the Govt epidemic is on the rise

The United Kingdom, Russia, Australia ... these are the countries where the Govt epidemic is on the rise

As the French prepare for the end of the curfew order, the health situation in many countries where the Covid 19 epidemic has re-emerged is worrying. Measures have been taken to control the spread of the disease in major cities in Russia, Portugal or Mexico as the UK continues to struggle. Delta variant.

England facing delta variation

In Great Britain, health officials on Thursday recorded 11,007 new pollutants in 24 hours, the first of which exceeded 10,000 by the end of February. The country is facing the eruption of the delta variant initially detected in India.

The most affected country in Europe, the United Kingdom has seen a sharp decline in recent times despite a large-scale vaccination campaign. The trend, marked by 33.7% pollution a week, forced the British government on Monday to postpone health restrictions altogether for a month.

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A study published Thursday Imperial College London and Ipsos Mori have revealed that cases in the UK are “growing exponentially”, mostly for minors. Data show that cases double every 11 days.

Portugal is trying to control the epidemic in Lisbon

In Portugal, the government has decided to ban entry and exit from the Lisbon region over the weekend to prevent the escalation of Govt cases from spreading to other areas. “This is an additional measure, which is not planned, but the government has taken steps to control the increase in incidents within the Lisbon metropolitan area,” the minister announced. The word of government is Mariana Vieira da Silva.

Unnecessary travel from the capital and its suburbs will be banned from Friday evening to Monday morning.

The epidemic is getting worse in Moscow

In Moscow, the mayor said the epidemic has worsened and the vaccination campaign has been sluggish for months. “Often, we encounter new variants, which are more aggressive, and they spread faster,” Sergei Sofianin estimated. He noted that the number of cases detected daily in the capital had risen from 3,000 to 7,000 in some days, and that on Friday it could be “more than 9000”.

Moscow and its region have made vaccination mandatory in the service sector (transportation, catering, culture, health, education, banking, etc.). This is the first in Russia, where authorities have taken very little action. However, official statistics show that the mortality rate is the highest in the world by Covid 19.

Mexico City goes yellow alert again

In Mexico, Mexico City, which finally succeeded two weeks ago in going green to the alarm level on the face of Covit-19, has seen an increase in the number of repeated cases in recent days. It is therefore reversed to a “high risk” alert, indicating to local authorities that this will not change the planned reopening plans. Mexico’s Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum reconsidered the bad news, pointing out on Twitter that Mexico currently has “nine points, while a maximum of eight points if it is to be green. Therefore, the municipality wants to maintain open or flexible hours.

Mexico has seen a significant drop in pollution in recent weeks, with hospital deaths, pollution and hospital rates, especially in the capital, breaking records after this year’s “Black January”. But the government announced on Friday that the epidemic had increased slightly in recent days and that the capital, which had been green for two weeks, had thus been placed on yellow alert. Country.

The megalopolis of nine million people saw the number of hospital admissions ranging from 615 to 642 in 24 hours. More than 44,000 deaths have been reported in the capital since the outbreak began. With more than 230,000 deaths, Mexico, with its 126 million people, is the fourth most affected country in the world. A total of 39 million doses of the Govt vaccine have been administered so far.

The delta variant spreads to the most populous state in Australia

Australia, which has so far been infected with the Covid 19 epidemic, has closed its borders and there are two new cases in the state of New South Wales (NSW). According to Reuters, the origin of the infection has not yet been determined. But authorities believe these cases are linked to a cluster because of the delta variation found in Sydney, which includes at least six cases.

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New South Wales is the most populous state in Australia, with 8 out of 25.6 million Australians. Two new cases were first detected in the state in a month. There is a new case in the state of Victoria as well.

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If these figures appear to be too low compared to other countries, they make officials anxious. “This delta virus appears to be a near and current danger to anyone who is not far away,” said NSW Health Minister Brad Hazard. Australia has succeeded in controlling the epidemic with strict social distance rules, a one-time curfew order and comprehensive internal border controls. There are 30,300 cases in the country and 910 deaths from Covid 19, according to Reuters.


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