John Collins puts Joel Emboide on a banned poster for under 18s

John Collins NBA Top 10 19 juin 2021

Find the top 10 places of the day designed by the NBA just before you get to work on your stock, in traffic. We add a little spice to the comments. Let’s go!

# 10: Oniega Okongw gave Tobias Harris a terrible night out, but the Sixers were finally able to snatch the win in Atlanta.

# 9: Donovan Mitchell had almost a dream night, with shots falling from all corners of the ground (i.e.), but the Clippers were finally able to finish the series.

# 8: Who said Trey Young would not defend? When looking for pass lines, he offers an easy basket of change.

# 7: Matisse Thibul has been a benchmark in terms of defense, and he has not stolen his place in the NBA All-Defensive Second Team this year. The rest of the action? We can no longer say that we are no longer surprised when a curry flock draws 3-dots at first glance with 20 seconds on a jersey clock …

# 6: Ben Simmons is even harder to come by in his lay-ups. Fortunately, Furgan Gorkmas is here to save the day.

# 5: Finally Cobert postponed the season, much to our chagrin. So this alley-op between Joe Inks and Copsilla should be saved.

# 4: Trey Young thought he had sown the defense of the Sixers, but Joel Empiat was watching his ball rise high on the stand. Show!

# 3: We see Trey Young, this time in the painting on a magic wand with a wonderful touch-pass to Clint Capella. Gentle and violent, only active.

# 2: He reached the competition of his life and had to find Terence Mann in this top 10 with a tube tank beauty to catch the defeat of Paul George.

# 1: They may not have won, but Hawks thanks this alley-op between Trey Young and John Collins, which ends with a big hammer blow on Joel Empide. He’s not a pilot doing anything, Johnny.

Below this for pictures, you need to click. Us? We start to do the tour, so let’s quietly take a nice step forward before continuing. See you soon? Go, see you soon!

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