Evan McGregor stars in the new Everest adventure film

Ewan McGregor prend le premier rôle d’un nouveau film d’aventure autour de l’Everest

Rise I am Everest, The world’s highest peak, is still a favorite theme of international filmmakers. Recently, the director of Iceland Baladasar Gormagur Provided us Everest, With a five star cast (Jason Clark, Jake Gillenhall, Keira Knightley, Josh Brolin, Sam Worthington…). The film looks back at the 1996 disaster during Ascension I am Everest, Which caused many deaths within the teams Achievement Consultants And Mountain Madness, Experienced guides Rob Hall and Scott Fisher. On the contrary, the film was a resounding success, garnering rave reviews 200 million at the box office For a budget of 55 million.

It’s now another filmmaker, and does not seem to want to mention a new feature of very low mountain climbing: Doug Lyman.

Evan McGregor stars in the new Everest adventure film
Evan McGregor stars in the new Everest adventure film

American filmmaker, often famous for filming Tom Cruise (Barry Seal, Tomorrow’s Edge) Will go into space in a few years along with SpaceX To shoot a movie there. Meanwhile, it seems that other projects are emerging for him from a new film Everest Looks like in production.

Get out of the story of the 1996 human disaster, however. According to the first information announced by the media Variety, The film takes place in 1921 George Mallory Is selected by Arthur Hinks, From Royal Geographical Society, Climb Everest. Australian George Pinch Trying to give credit for the climb. Filming will begin in the UK and Italy in January 2022 or 2023 Doug Lyman In between the sequel, there is an enrichment of his scheduleTomorrow’s Edge And image ISS. For the role of George Mallory, it was Evan McGregor who was recently spotted in Selected Birds.

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