Did you take a photo with Mars ..?

Did you take a photo with Mars ..?

Internet Desk: Scientists believe that Mars is the best place for human survival after Earth. Research on this is already going on in detail. That is why we are interested to know any information about it. A few months ago, the rover of diligence sent by the US space agency (NASA) for research on Mars landed safely on the planet. In recognition of this success, NASA is giving people the opportunity to take selfies on Mars. I mean .. how is this possible? Is this your suspicion .. it is still too late .. find out how.

Tuesday diligence photo booth

To this end, NASA has designed some dummy images with eight background photos of Mars. All we have to do is select the background we want and upload our photo. NASA official Mark Edkind said the program aims to make all people partners in their success. Apart from this, Facebook, Instagram .. Mission Control Headset, 3D Mars Rover AR filters are ready. With these, users can upload their own photos and download photos as if they were participating in a NASA Mars mission.

Click for photo with Mars

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