An NFL team in Toronto?

An NFL team in Toronto?

Buffalo bills may temporarily go to Toronto for a few seasons.

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According to, Bills’ organization wants to build a new stadium for their team, but the immediate decision to lease their current stadium will not affect Canada-US. May be forced to temporarily relocate north of the border.

The new plan, which will see daylight in Orchard Park and will take three to five years to complete, may welcome bills early in the 2025 season, but 2026 or 2027 will still be credible. However, the team’s lease at Highmark Stadium expires in 2023.

If the plan for a new amphitheater is implemented, the organization would like to find common space in their current residence to briefly expand their accommodation, but any idea, including moving temporarily, should not be excluded from the table. Toronto. The city of Ben State will also be a potential location.

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