3D Systems and Alpine F1 Group Acura Composite PIV

3D Systems and Alpine F1 Group Acura Composite PIV

3D systems, A company that specializes in 3D printing, recently announced that it has developedAcura Mixed PIV. It is a new material specially designed to meet the PIV test applications primarily used in motorsport wind tunnel testing. New material created in collaboration Alpine F1 Team (Formerly Renault F1 team). What is it about?

Acura Mixed PIV: Improving Productivity in Air Mining

As announced at the beginning of the article Acura Composite PIV is a new product developed by an American company 3D systems And Alpine F1 team. It is capable of production Sturdy parts in optimal high contrast color For PIV (particle image velocimetry) tests. Parts made with this material will therefore no longer take much time from CAD (Computer Aided Design) to wind tunneling, and will provide more accurate data and higher resolutions. Like the G3DP developed by MIT, the Acura Composite further enhances interest in PIV 3D printing.

On the other hand, one of the difficulties in making reliable PIV measurements is the reflection of the laser light on background surfaces other than aerial particles. This reduces the quality of the image, which leads to the loss of useful information. According to 3D systems, The Alpine F1 team proved the new material to be effective Minimize the reflection effect of the laser.

Furthermore, the American company, which specializes in 3D printing, notes that the workflow for manufacturing air tunnel components using other materials currently available often requires a multi-step process. This is before the appropriate coating required for air tunnel testing is achieved. The unique color of the particular PIV provides the opportunity to eliminate some of these steps Summarize the workflow Gain performance and efficiency.

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Applications and benefits

Many test applications of the new Acura hybrid PIV material Alpine F1 Team It has been found to be very effective in reducing the reflective effect of the laser. In addition, the use of the Acura Composite PIV helps aerodynamics experts to better understand the aerodynamic properties of the wind tunnel model. As a result, it can be put on track of CarS Race Even more FastS.

Allow this new material to include:

  • We need to get more clear PIV data to make more informed decisions
  • Reduce post-processing steps and reduce production time, thanks to its unique color variation
  • Rapid repetition of aerodynamic design
  • Must have high printing speed and excellent productivity
  • Improve the economy of wind tunnels.

Speaking of innovations, the Marklix operating system now provides easy access to 3D printed spare parts.

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