“When you have a good match you run into the microphone and then you don’t talk”

Joel Embiid ouvre la porte à un départ NBA

Being an NBA player is a specific obligation of performance on the field, but there are also some restrictions such as having to respond to the media. Joel Empiat did not ask for it after he lost his family to Atlanta, and as a result he perished!

Joel Empiat There were things to prove this Wednesday during Game 5 against the Hawks … in fact, at the start of the meeting, Cameroon were openly attacked by Cardinal Capilla due to cardio absence and his decline in minutes … so inevitably, he played with strong intensity in the first half!

In its background, Philadelphia rolled over Atlanta, leading by 26 points in the 3rd quarter! John Collins’ awkward gesture, which may have broken his knee well, even passed as silence … Then the Sixers completely lost the thread of the crowd, especially the process of bowing to the end of the suspense following two missed shots …

After winning by 37 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists, Joel Empiat had reason to crush. He did so by refusing to speak to journalists’ microphones! An Attitude Not Approved by Charles Barkley He destroyed the All-Star of the Sixers on the set of Inside the NBA.

I want to say one thing, I’m not crazy about Joel Embiat, he’s a great player and a great guy. But I don’t like it when players refuse to talk to the media after games. They all run into microphones when they have good encounters!

You don’t get paid $ 35 million to play basketball. The reason superstars make so much money is that TV stations like DNT or ESPN spend billions. We have duties to the players …

Here’s what’s clear: Charles Barkley wants NBA players to respond responsibly to journalists, just as they do to failure. Understandable complaint because he had so many questions to ask Joel MP after Philadelphia’s humiliating defeat! Promise him, he will undoubtedly get a chance to talk to him in the coming days …

Joel Empire picked up the perfect missile from Charles Barclay. Answer to be given: Field, nothing else.

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