Warning: Literary masterpieces may be banned in Hungarian schools

Warning: Literary masterpieces may be banned in Hungarian schools

On Tuesday, a clear majority in the Hungarian parliament voted to introduce a law Prohibits all depictions of homosexuals or transgender people for children.

The organization now warns publishers across the country that central work on literary history could be banned in classrooms and on bookshelves.

“Many masterpieces of world and Hungarian literature, including teachers who are part of the high school curriculum, may be banned,” the organization said in a statement.

In addition to Shakespeare’s plays and Sappo’s poems, publishers write that works by writers such as Marcel Proust and Thomas Mann fall under the new law.

There is also the group Criticizing the inclusion of this ban in a law aimed at toughening penalties for pedophiles.

“We do not accept the confusion of pedophilia in any way. It is a crime, a sexual orientation, a fundamental human right.”

This restriction can be applied to everything from advertising to school books and libraries. Many publishers believe that the team is not very specific and that many practical questions about the team have not yet been answered.

– Andros Urogidi, president of the Hungarian Children’s Book Publisher, tells Reuters that we have a serious problem if someone wants to give a detailed explanation about it.

Protested on Monday Thousands of people in Budapest against the law, which has provoked strong reactions abroad. Among other things, the European Union has criticized the ban, calling it Britain’s first homosexual legislator, Nick Herbert, a “disgrace to human rights.”

However, the Hungarian government retaliated by saying that the law was in the best interests of the children.

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“We will not apologize for protecting our children,” government spokesman Solton Kovacs wrote of the comments on his blog.

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