Ryan Benzetti: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Tamara Star

Ryan Benzetti: 5 Things You Didn't Know About the Tamara Star

5. The actor slept on the street while inside Peps

During his time at headquarters, Ryan Benzetti also revealed that he had experienced financial mockery here when he made his television debut. “When I came to Paris, I came to film a series called Peps. I actually lied about acting, I said I lived in Paris.” He said, but he did not have enough money to pay rent in the capital. “We built the streets with a friend, and then after we built the roofs. We climbed, and then we slept on the roofs, outside”, “I went to the settlement, no one knew. I washed in the dressing rooms. It was a complicated moment.” He added. Because the money sent by her father was not enough: “You spend three nights in a hostel with a guy. People scream at night. You wow …”. The condition lasted for about 3 months.

“We went to the metro, we asked for 50 coins, restaurant tickets, we made 4/5 balls, we shared a kebab …” He said. Ryan Benzetti was later able to pay the rent for his first apartment in Paris “In a real dungeon, on the 6th floor without an elevator, only a small portal window”. Even when he participated in DALS, he was in trouble on the bottom side. “It’s true! I rarely talk about it. I really don’t like talking about worries … I’ve only talked about it since Let’s Dance because it’s relevant to my character.” Mentioned who will be on the show District Z In TF1 with Black M, Brahim Joypot or Hello Martin.

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