Large-scale cyber attack on Poland: Government blames Russia

Large-scale cyber attack on Poland: Government blames Russia

According to intelligence, the hacker attack on Polish officials was organized from the territory of the Russian Federation.

It is noteworthy that the hackers attacked representatives and government officials.

Reports say that the most important Polish officials, ministers and delegates were subjected to security issues for cyber attacks RMF24.

He stressed that the Polish secret services were already working to find the details of the cyber attack and protect the evidence.

“From today, law enforcement officials will report the attackers so that they can suffer and recommend how to protect the email,” Yaroslav Kaczynski said.

The Deputy Prime Minister also said that it was necessary to be careful not to follow the Russian situation in order to destabilize the country.

Let me remind you by Powerful cyber attack on Poland, Officials hastily convened parliament. Later, Republican government spokesman Peter Mர்ller suggested that Russian hackers be involved in the attack.

Before Russia attempted a massive cyber attack In the computer networks of the Ukrainian authorities.

Also keep an eye out “Straight” In Facebook, Twitter, Telegraph And Instagram.

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