Emmanuel Macron assures Australia of agreement with Navy Group

The Australian Defense Minister has expressed concern over the slow pace of talks with the Navy Group. (© Navy Team)

Industrial project, Size $ 68 billion (ில்லியன் 56 billion), Finished come in Navy Team And Australia For that Construction of 12 submarines With the usual impetus in Australia, there are constant accusations of budget violations and delays, which the French businessman denies.

“Dedication of Entrepreneurs”

Tuesday June 15, 2021, President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron Utilizing attendance Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, Try to confirm.

I want to tell you our full and full commitment to fulfill the common aspirations of the business community, the entire French government, and move as quickly as possible, because I know you are interested in it. I know how much you are at the forefront of potential tensions in the region.

Emmanuel Macron

Since 2016, the Navy Group has come under heavy criticism from political opponents and the Australian press.

In recent weeks, in Australia, in the media, the question of the continuity of this project, which has been put on the table by some, is very simple.

Many problems

There are many stocks. On the one hand, France is a player in the Indo-Pacific region, which is marked by Chinese hegemonic tendencies, which are increasingly emphasized.

Australia, on the other hand, hopes to find out Military sovereignty was promised when selecting the naval committee. Scott Morrison thanked President Macron for French support during the “Indo-Pacific difficult times”.

According to A newspaper publication Australian Monday, A team of submarine experts is said to have submitted to the Government of Canberra to expedite the production of ships designed by the Navy Group. They say the first unit could be delivered in 2030 instead of 2034.

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