According to NASA, Earth is a forgotten planet looking forward to the future

According to NASA, Earth is a forgotten planet looking forward to the future

Thirty years have passed since the last spaceflight Venus. The second planet in the solar system is very similar to Earth and is one of the least known to us. However, there was a time before that Mars fever Monopolize all resources and media attention, including Venus Best Candidate To conduct biological life.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Soviets and Americans sent dozens of studies to Venus. They found out A hostile planet, As soon as he ran away Greenhouse effect, No kind of life can prosper. Interest fell and The fall of the Soviet Union, The main driver of the Venus study, was brought down The Forgotten Planet. Since Magellan’s mission in 1989, humanity has not sent any research to Venus.

Now humanity is getting ready to travel (and colonize?) To Mars, Venus is enjoying a moment of unexpected curiosity. NASA, ESA and the Indian Space Agency are preparing a battery mission to be sent to the planet. A motivation Discovery of phosphine, A biological marker, to understand the keys to the planet’s atmosphere, but above all Global warming Who poisoned Venus.

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