UFO: JJ Abrams explores the UFO event in the event documentary series

UFO: JJ Abrams explores the UFO event in the event documentary series

Producer JJ Abrams and his company, Pat Robot, are in the making for a documentary series on the extraterrestrial phenomenon, UFO, which will air on the American channel Showtime on August 8.

In four episodes directed by Mark Monroe (Icarus) and Paul Groider (Riding Giants) the rejected UFOs, UFOs and the lure of extraterrestrial life and their influence to prevent the “US government, some wealthy private companies and the military” from coming to light about these extraterrestrial events Opportunity, to better serve their interests, ”the summary says.

Documentary series especially seek to return to theories and / or the most important events of recent years, and especially the investigation revealed by the New York Times US site in 2017 reveals the existence of a research project called UFOs. Pentagon. The UFO will present various observation cases and the testimonies of those who witnessed these events.

“With increasingly bizarre dialogue leaning on credible inquiries into alien encounters, the UFO will ask the most intriguing questions in this regard: Why do we believe what we believe? What is this fact that escapes us beyond the mysteries of this decade?” The report continued.

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