The U.S. Football Confederation may suspend operations at the end of the season

The U.S. Football Confederation may suspend operations at the end of the season

Majority owner Tom Dundon says failure to reach an agreement with the NFL Players’ Association on the use of young players playing on the Goodell circuit could lead to the closure of the American Football Association (AAF) USA Today, Wednesday.

So AAF’s first year activity may be its last.

If the NFL Players Association did not give us young players, we could not become a development league. We analyze our options, one of which is to end the league.

An excerpt from:
Tom Tandon, majority owner of AAF

The owner of Hurricane Carolina paid $ 250 million (C $ 335 million) in the league in February.

Tandon has indicated that he will make a decision about his round future by Friday. The goal of the AAF is to determine what the AAA status is for major league baseball in the NFL.

Six days after Super Bowl LIII, the AAF kicked off its opening season on February 9, with eight of its teams in the squad. The championship game will be held on April 27.

At the end of the 10 match campaign half the teams will advance to the semifinals.

Many former NFL stars hold various AAF leadership positions, including Jared Allen, Troy Polamalu, Justin Duck and Hines Ward.

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