Internet crashes are found in the United States and Australia

Internet crashes are found in the United States and Australia


In Australia, the central bank, the postal service and several banks and other businesses faced cyber blackouts on Thursday, particularly disrupting financial transactions.

Downtector reported difficulties with more than a thousand user reports for Southwest Airlines, which was forced to close on Wednesday due to a lack of information technology.

According to the site, the number will be 400 for Delta Airlines and 300 for the other two airlines involved.

In Australia, Virgin Australia, the second largest airline, reported a similar problem.

“We are currently experiencing a computer failure affecting our website and our customer contact center,” the group tweeted this morning.

The Central Bank of Australia announced on Thursday that it was canceling the bond auction due to technical issues.

Several websites affected in Australia, including the Commonwealth Bank, Westback Bank Corp and the Australia and New Zealand banking team, began returning online on Thursday afternoon.

It was not immediately clear whether the blackout in Australia and the United States was involved.

(Edited by Radhika Anilkumar and Kanishka Singh in Bangalore, French edition by Lucinda Longlands-Berry, Plantin Honald)

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