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Google Mapsने केरळच्या समुद्रात टिपलं एक बेट; पण असं बेटच नाही? जाणून घ्या काय आहे गौडबंगाल

Google Maps captures an island off the coast of Kerala;  But isn’t that an island?  Find out what kad tengal is

Google Maps has discovered a new island, which is said to be half the size of West Cochin.

Kerala, June 17: Kerala (Outside the Kerala coast) A small kidney-shaped island in the sea off the coast of the state (Kidney shaped island) Shown on Google Maps. However, in reality, no one has ever seen the island. Satellite images of Google Maps (Google Maps Satellite Imagery) The island is located west of Kochi (West Cochin) The news minute reports that it is half the size. Experts say such an island is not really in the sea.

This has left many people confused, including experts. Some have speculated that the island may have been submerged. Author Sellam Karshika Tourism Development Association (Sellam Karshika Tourism Development Association) This issue was first raised. ‘Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies’ (University of Kerala Fisheries and Ocean Studies) The officials of this organization wrote a letter to the officials of this organization. Kerala Fisheries and Ocean Surveys are conducting research on coastal sunlight and are now conducting research on the new island.

Xavier Jalupan, chairman of Sellam Karshika, wrote in a Facebook post that there is a need to study the reasons behind the formation of the small island, its role in the sea currents and the artificial coastal rehabilitation of Sellam Panchayat from this sand.

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It is necessary to observe how this island was formed. It should look at the role of water waves and currents, as well as incense in the oceans. In a letter to the University of Kerala, Xavier expressed the need to explore how coastal areas of the pet could be used for artificial enrichment.

According to The News Minute, nothing is known about this underwater island until it is captured by Google Maps satellite images. If the island is actually discovered, its components and the factors that led to its formation will be examined, the report said.

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First published:June 17, 2021 8:06 PM I.S.

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