Fabian Kaltik heard. For the tour of Australia next July, it is important for the French coach to trust a large team. The native of Kahors won his case. Instead of the 35 players he initially thought he could retain, Kaltik could actually recall 42. This Thursday, The French Rugby Federation (FFR) and the National Rugby League (LNR) have reached an agreement after several weeks of negotiations, with the Blues coach set to have 42 players, not just 35. For the three Tests waiting for the second match of the last 6 Nations series in Australia on July 7, 13 and 17. Each time, the French team will face Wallace.

Selected players will lose the first day of the top 14

In order to get what Kaldeek wanted, it was first necessary for both bodies to come to an agreement on the arrangement of the holidays and the date of the resumption of the club. It was agreed that the international players selected for this tour in Australia would not start the first 14 seasons until the 2nd day only. “The arrangement is intended to reduce the duration of the tour to eight weeks without official competition for all players taking part in the tour, i.e. five consecutive weeks of absence from the club. The current conference is being held at the club for at least three weeks following that,” the statement said. There is no change regarding the finalists. The conditions of isolation imposed by the Australian government are that they cannot be on tour. That too, Chaldean can do nothing about it.