Cannes Film Festival 2021: What will be the poster for this 74th edition?

Cannes Film Festival 2021: What will be the poster for this 74th edition?

While it takes place from July 6 to 17, the Cannes Film Festival released the poster for this 74th edition this Thursday in which you can see Spike Leave, the next chairman of the jury.

The 64-year-old American screenwriter, director and producer, a staunch defender of the black cause in the United States, appears at sea with an “curious look.”

The festival has chosen to honor him in the guise of the character he played in his first film “Nola Darling does what she wants” (1986), which was presented to directors at Fortnight and won the Youth Prize in the Foreign Film category. In Cannes.

In the poster, Spike Lee, or Mars Blackmon (one of Nola Darling’s three lovers) is surrounded by two palm trees, echoing the city of Cannes and its famous Crochet. The film, which was shot in his hometown of New York, is being snubbed by organizers.

“A naughty look that never ignores entertainment”

“Because this unique look he gave us from his first film: filmed in black and white in the heat of the summer of 1985 – already – he was rocking the cinema – already – immersed in culture, immersed in culture, urban and popular. (…) Because, almost Despite four decades of renewed questions and relentless upheaval, entertainment never ignores “Spike Lee, a citizen of the Brooklyn People’s Republic of New York, is on the poster for this collector’s edition,” the festival organizers wrote in a press release.

The author of “Malcolm X” will breathe all his energy and enthusiasm into this cinematic high mass, the return of which is eagerly awaited after its cancellation in 2020.

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