Approval for the Sputnik V vaccine in the European Union has been postponed

According to Reuters, the date of the clinical trial of the Russian vaccine has not been set – June 10.

In the past, it was predicted that the European Pharmaceuticals Association (EMA) would decide whether or not to approve the use of Spotnik V in the EU in May or June.

Meanwhile, the Russian direct investment fund, which funds the production of Spotnik V and its distribution abroad, rejected Reuters’ explanation.

“Although the timing of the procedure is unique to the EZA, the Spotnik V team expects the vaccine to be registered within two months,” the foundation said in a statement. The Foundation also states that it has provided all the necessary documents.

Spatnik V is currently approved for use in two EU countries, Hungary and Slovakia, but not at the EU level.

The vaccine has not been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), although agreements have been made with dozens of countries to supply Sputnik V.

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