Apple launches back-to-school offer in North America

Apple launches back-to-school offer in North America

It’s almost summer vacation! Apple in the US and Canada Relaunched Offer to return to school. In addition to the discounts already offered by the Apple Education Store, it allows you to redeem a free pair of airplanes to purchase a Mac, iPod Air or iPod Pro. New this year, the Mac Mini and Mac Pro are eligible. You can also avail of 20% discount on AppleCare +. Airbots 2 with a wired charging box is provided by default, but you can choose the models with the wireless charging box for an additional $ 40 or choose the Airports Pro for an additional $ 90.

Back to School 2021 USA

Apple seems to be following the same pattern as last year: the offer was launched simultaneously in the US and Canada (June 15), with School 2020 not coming to Europe until July 8th. If you are a student or teacher and you plan to equip yourself this summer, it is wise to wait for the arrival of this offer in France in the coming weeks. Let’s remember that Apple Store Education Allows you to get a 10% discount on Mac purchases throughout the year or a 5% discount on iPod Air or iPod Pro purchases. The Back to School offer, which is renewed every summer, is offered as a bonus.

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