“AFP no longer respects ethics and patriotism” (Barham Thiam)

"AFP no longer respects ethics and patriotism" (Barham Thiam)

The Coalition of the Progressive Forces of North America convened at a hotel in the area and presented its joint resignation to General Secretary Mustafa Nias. The announcement was made on Wednesday, June 16 by Burham Thiam, coordinator of US activists. According to the latter, after 22 long years of activity, commitment and struggle, the AFP no longer embodies the values ​​and policies that gave Senegal hope. Burham Thiam recalled that this decision to give up was carefully considered and not dangerous because “it is the logical consequence of the many warnings made over the years in the party’s cry administration.”

The rift between Mustafa Nias and North Americans and Canada just days before the party’s first anniversary in 1999 is largely due to a lack of communication, with some activists considering. But in general, what has caused the frustration of this integration seems to be the alliance with the President within Benoit Bog Yagar, without consulting the site. What they consider to be “not united in solitude.”

Barham Thiam et see observed, “This party, which saw us born, no longer believes, no longer mobilizes. The AFP is no longer a dream because the party is sick of its management, sick of its orientations, and even sick of the coalition. In its day-to-day operations, the AFP does not take into account the views and aspirations of the youth who led all the wars for the existence of the party and for the establishment of the party at home and abroad ”, laments these former AFP activists …

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