Urgency: WhatsApp introduces a new feature for users .. Get to know it

Urgency: WhatsApp introduces a new feature for users .. Get to know it

Created the application واتساب By announcing the introduction of a new feature, which will be released in the future and will be titled Invisible Mode, it will also allow users to hide messages automatically and for a period of time, and remove all threads from chat.

WhatsApp introduces a new feature in the coming period:

The application also adds a layer of password protection, which encrypts chat backups and significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to news and media backed up on cloud services by undesirable third parties.

The app also works on another feature called One, which allows users to quickly send content that disappears when viewed during launch, and allows the recipient to open images and videos before hiding them from the chat.

In another context, application واتساب By alerting its users about the mistakes that some individuals have made, their personal accounts may be closed as soon as they have done so, the application will lead to the deletion of the accounts in both cases, and we will let them know through our heading.

After 120 days of inactivity the WhatsApp account will be deleted, i.e. the account will have to be re-created using the phone number and all the information will be removed from the servers of the messaging app.

Under certain circumstances the application can delete your account after 45 days of inactivity, if you did not use the account during that period, you signed in to the application before the 120th day, but you are using the same device, it is not Delete your account.

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