Points scored in 2021: Yankees ranked 27th in the MLP

A win-win defeat for the Yankees

I don’t think I should tell you that the Yankees don’t know the campaign they believe in. The Bronx bombers have not carried out much bombing for weeks, which is worrying.

No, no one expected nine games of the division to take the lead as we approached the midfield. No one expected the attack to be so dragged out.

Because now, in New York, that’s it The talk of the town. Guys don’t knock anymore, it’s a disaster. Everyone wants the CEO’s head. From the manager. From a batting coach. Players.

It is true that it is much worse now. The team has 252 points since the start of the campaign, ranking 27th in the league over the Nationals, Pirates and …Mets.

Keep in mind that the Mets are number one in their category. Good then.

The Yankees are also no less than 28 points behind the Arizona Diamondback.

To give a little context, Debox has lost the last 20 games abroad. They have not won even three games in an average of 10 games this season.

But they are almost half a point more per game than the Yankees, who are famous for their offense.

Rays (third, 333), Red Sox (fifth, 329) and Blue Zeus (seventh, 322) all have big attacks in the division. The Orioles are 23rd with 26 points, nine more than the Yankees.

Is this more than the return of Luke White, who is expected to return to New York soon?

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  • Max Scherzer on the injured list.

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