Juice trip to the big space simulator

Juice trip to the big space simulator

KOMPAS.com- At the center is a strange mystery Earth. Scientists have discovered The center of the earth Growing laterally reduces the heat of the planet below Indonesia.

As announced Room, Wednesday (16/6/2021), Scientists can only see this phenomenon when they study the seismic waves, i.e. the seismic waves caused by seismic waves. Earthquake.

The waves pass through the planet’s dense iron core.

For some reason, these seismic waves travel significantly faster than they travel through the equator as they travel through the center of the earth between the north and south poles.

Researchers have been aware of this difference in the motion of seismic waves for decades, known as seismic anisotropy.

However, these scientists have not been able to provide a similar explanation for the available data.

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Today, computer simulations of the development of the center of the earth over the last billion years seem to provide a solution. The new study is published in the journal Natural Earth Science Last June 3 issue.

Every year, little by little, the center of the earth grows in an oblique shape, with new iron crystals forming much faster on the east side of the center than on the west side.

“The movement of molten iron in the Earth’s outer core carries heat away from the inner core, causing it to freeze,” said Daniel Frost, lead author of the seismological study at the University of California, Berkeley.

“So this means that the outer core takes more heat from the east (under Indonesia) than from the west (under Brazil),” Frost added.

This means that the center of the earth beneath Indonesia loses heat faster than it does under Brazil.

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Description of the Earth

Researchers do not claim that there are asymmetrical growths, defects or dangers at the center of the earth, thus making it unbalanced.

On average, the radius of the Earth’s center grows approximately equal to about 1 millimeter each year. Gravity corrects oblique growth in the east by pushing new crystals west.

There, the crystals join as a latte system running along the north-south axis of the nucleus.

According to research modeling, this crystal structure is parallel to the poles Earth, Is an earthquake super highway, which allows seismic waves to travel faster in that direction.

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So, what causes the center of the earth to grow in an oblique shape?

Frost says it’s hard to say without looking at all the other layers of the planet.

“Every Top tile It is controlled by what is above it and affects what is below it, ”Frost said.

“The inner core solidifies slowly from the molten outer core, like a snowball adding more layers. Then the outer core cools above the Earth’s mantle,” Frost explained.

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Earth Layer DescriptionShutterstock Earth Layer Description

Plate tectonics May be partly responsible for this phenomenon.

Frost explains this moment Tectonic plates Cool dive beneath the earth’s surface Subdivision, They cool the bottom shield.

However, Frost said it is still debatable whether the cooling of the Earth’s mantle will affect the inner core.

This mystery still holds scientists back. It is equally confusing whether the oblique cooling at the center of the earth affects the Earth’s magnetic field.

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Modern magnetic fields are driven by the movement of molten iron in the Earth’s outer core. This fluid movement is driven by the heat lost from the inner core.

If the Earth’s inner center loses more heat in the east than in the west, the outer center will also move further east, Frost explained.

“The question is, will this change the strength of the magnetic field?” Frost added.

These are big questions beyond this new research article.

However, Frost says he has begun to engage in new research with the Geological Survey to investigate some of the mysteries of the oblique development of the Earth’s center.

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