Emmanuel Macron assures Australia of French submarines

Emmanuel Macron assures Australia of French submarines

Emmanuel Macron took advantage of the visit of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and assured him of the thorny issue of delivering French submarines to Australia. This important contract for the construction of 12 conventional propulsion submarines for the navy of the vast island continent was concluded with the French group Naval Group (formerly DCNS) for $ 68 billion (56 56 billion). Australia of Budget Violations and Delays in Entrepreneur Denial.

“I want to tell you our full commitment and to fulfill the common aspirations of the business community (…) of the entire French government and to move as quickly as possible, because I know you are there. Emmanuel Macron with Scott Morrison in Elysee’s yard. The question of the continuation of this project is based on Australian domestic policy Importantly, this type of agreement should include technological transfers and the thorny question of Australia’s increasing geo – political context in the Indo – Pacific region: maritime and military pressure from China.

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There are no “economic coercion measures”

“I know how much you are at the forefront of potential tensions in the region,” the president declared, while France remains an actor in the Indo-Pacific region as a major maritime region and abroad. The inclinations of the Indo-Pacific region and Chinese hegemony have become one of France’s priority strategic axes under the leadership of Emmanuel Macron, who firmly rejects “any forced action of an economic nature against Australia in blatant violation of international law.” , Refers to the recent episodes of growing tensions between the two countries.

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Scott Morrison thanked President Macron for his French support during the “Indo-Pacific Tough Times”, while praising the French “leadership” especially on climate issues. The Australian Prime Minister was particularly in Europe to attend the recent G7 summit in the UK. After these reports the two were sharing a working dinner.

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