Bigfoot family, animated and decisive adventure against the green wash


Published Presented by Alexis LeBron June 16, 2021

This Franco-Belgian animated film, which conveys the full action, visually successful and much-needed environmental message, is brilliant family entertainment that will delight children.

Movement El Alaska

In BIGFOOT FAMILY (Ben Stason and Jeremy DeCruz, 2020), the most famous of the Harry creatures is a doctor and a good father, who shares his house with an entire manager, along with his wife Shelley and their son Adam. But despite living in a typical American suburban lodge, Bigfoot can’t escape fame, which weighs heavily on the rest of his family. While he is overwhelmed by requests for partnership to monetize his disgrace, he dreams of putting it into service for a cause worthy. This is good, there is no famine for wars to be fought, Bigfoot decides to come to the aid of environmental activists in Alaska who are fighting against the drilling of an oil company that is supposed to be “green”, but it is really destroying the environment and the needs of their business.

Bigfoot travels there and manages to draw public attention to the devastation of Alaska’s ecosystem, but his sudden disappearance forces the rest of his family – including the bear and the raccoon – to find his way into Motohome with him and wash the green in the media to reveal the tragic reality behind it. The latter does nothing to extract its black gold, so if access to the site is poorly secured, the Bigfoot family also has resources. Armed with almost nonsensical courage and solidarity and a few practical forces, its members embark on the adventure.

Continuation of the successful animated film

In 2017, Belgian animator Ben Stazen introduced the characters of BIGFOOT FAMILY to BIGFOOT JUNIOR, an animated film co-directed by Jeremy DeCruz, in which Adam’s character discovers the origin and secret identity of his powers. His father had been missing for more than ten years. The young man was already on an adventure trip in the jungle to save Bigfoot from the clutches of an evil society, while at the same time learning to master his extraordinary abilities, in the company of the animals who can contact him. The film, which is technically highly developed and has a good quality comedy aimed at youngsters, has become internationally acclaimed and its sequel takes the recipe for this success. He is particularly impressed by the beautiful rendering of the vast landscapes of Alaska and the work done on the systems of animal hair and fluids.

The Belgian band Bucky is always good with music, the action scenes are plentiful and sometimes eye-catching, but the Bigfoot family especially attracts its touching message in favor of the protection of ecosystems, denouncing the hypocrisy of multinational companies of fossil fuels. It claims to generate green energy. The film by Ben Stason and Jeremy DeCruzen appeals to young and old audiences on topics such as the destruction of fake news, the freedom of the media from advertisers, and the place taken by smartphones, social networks and YouTube. Mobilizing young citizens. The most famous Annecy International Animation Film Festival was not misunderstood and selected the film in last year’s competition. The BIGFOOT FAMILY enjoyed the Streisand effect as the Canadian lobby for fossil fuel conservation boosted the film’s popularity by attacking its environmental activist’s story on Netflix in the United States.

The myth of Bigfoot is timeless in cinema

BIGFOOT FAMILY is not the most recent film based on the legend of the famous hairy creature. In 2019, Missing Link (Chris Butler) won the Golden Globe for Best Animated Film Before Fierce Competition, a performance that is remarkable because it is a stop-motion feature film, and today a technique is not really a feast- visit animation in synthetic films. If the studio feature fails at the Leica box office and loses the Oscar for Best Animated Feature to Toy Story 4 (Josh Cooley, 2019), it is one of the best productions. Inspired by the Bigfoot legend, thanks to the undeniable quality of the dubbing (Eric Judor and Theory Lermit in French) and the legally animated frame.

In the children’s film category, the classic 80s classic Foodfood and the Henderson (William Dear, 1987) starred the late box office hit late Kevin Peter Hall as Bigfoot, which won the 1988 Oscars. If the film looks too kitsch today, it deserves to have John Litko once again cast in a good role and support the message of transparency and acceptance of differences. A point he shares with BIGFOOT FAMILY.

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