After several months in detention, the “Gulf Towns” release the president

Nabil Karoui

Tunisian judiciary decides to release president on TuesdayCulp Towns”And the failed 2019 presidential candidate Nabil Karoy, after being detained for several months.

The joke is over“In this case, according to Ramsey Pendia, the party leader’s lawyer.”Culp TownsAnd the boss of Nesma TV.

In a statement to a local Tunisian radio station, the file read:Includes several procedural violations“.

Last Thursday, a trial judge in a Tunisian court first charged three experts responsible for financial expertise in Nabil Karoi’s activities.

This financial expertise was similar to the investigation carried out by financial experts within the judiciary responsible for the Karoy case.

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According to the same source, two experts were actually charged with falsifying an expert’s report after investigations were closed.

“Le Party Gulp Towns”The heart of Tunisia“He announced a lawsuit against a group of experts.”Material and moral falsificationIn the context of the financial expertise created by the committee on the activities of party founder Nabil Karoi.

According to Mohsen Daly, a spokesman for the Department of Economic and Financial Justice, the probing magistrate decided to transfer Karoi to a public health facility to receive the necessary care following his deteriorating health.

Karoi, who observed the sit-in at the trial magistrate’s office near the judiciary, refused to sign the decision to extend his detention.

A warrant was issued against him on December 24, 2020, after he was investigated on suspicion of financial corruption and tax evasion.

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