What are some of the largest known structures in the universe?

What are some of the largest known structures in the universe?

Astronomers have studied the strands of the cosmic web: according to them, these structures rotate hundreds of millions of light years long. So it would be the largest known cycle in the universe.

Astronomers have discovered what is the largest rotation found in the universe. In a study published in the journal Natural astronomy June 14, 2021, Relate At the Leibniz Institute of Astrophysics (AIP) in Potsdam, astronomers studied the motions of stars in the strands of the “cosmic web”.

The galaxies of the universe are not roughly distributed. They may be isolated, but they are often in groups of galaxies (for example, the Milky Way belongs to a local group). Galaxies may be part of a larger structure called a filament, separated by voids (much the same). A cruise system). The cosmic web The name given to this architecture, in which the constellations are distributed and moving. You have to imagine the gigantic bridges of the galaxy The black thing, Linking the galaxies together, describes AIP in its news release.

These are the elements that researchers have studied that are hundreds of millions of light-years long and have found that they can rotate in faint measurements that have never been seen before. ” The results presented in this article are consistent with finding a signal that one would expect if the threads were twisted. », Write to the authors.

Textures are bridges connecting galaxies. // Source: Flickr / CC / ESO / DSS / Giuseppe Donatello (carved image)

Finally the rotation at the fiber level is measured

Until now, ” Due to the nature and challenges of identifying such objects, possible rotation at the level of cosmic fibers has been discussed, but never measured. Remind researchers in, Natural astronomy. They observe that the cosmic web and fibers have a strong interaction with galaxies – an effect on their rotation. However, it was difficult to determine whether the threads should rotate or not.

To highlight these characteristics of cosmic fibers, these scientists mapped the motion of galaxies. Sloan Digital Sky Survey (“Sloan Digital Sky Survey”, SDSS), a study of celestial objects collecting telescopes from the Apache Point Laboratory in New Mexico. They could see the threads spinning.

Peng Wang, an expert AIP postdoctoral researcher Cosmology (Science that seeks to describe the visible universe), threads described in journals ” Thin cylinders – comparable to pencils – hundreds of millions of light-years long, but a few million light-years in diameter – Turning. At such large scales, Peng describes the purchase, such as galaxies. ” Dust particles », Wrapping the fibers while avoiding them.

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