Visa Puzzle in the United States – Release

Visa Puzzle in the United States - Release


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When Joe Biden attends the EU-US summit this Tuesday, the people of the old continent, many of whom have not dared to leave the United States for fifteen months for fear of never returning, are finally looking forward to progress.

In April, Louis-Marie Marquette had to return to France “At full speed” To “Say goodbye” To his father, who suffered a stroke. “I was able to spend five hours with him, and then he left”, The young French woman believes. Founded a few years ago in Los Angeles he founded a startup that came up against his return “Travel ban” Prohibits any traveler staying in the Schengen area or the United Kingdom for the previous 14 days from entering the United States, except for U.S. citizens, finalists or a green card holder (permanent residents). Imposed by Donald Trump in March 2020 and ousted shortly before his departure from the White House in late January, the ban was immediately enforced by Joe Biden in the name of the control of the Covid 19, while the country was a new outbreak of an epidemic.

NIE (National Interest Exemption) is the only possible exemption, which is now granted

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