Video - A mouse invasion, a new plague in Australia

Video – A mouse invasion, a new plague in Australia

Farms in the rural areas of eastern Australia are the most affected. Since October, millions of musculature, or domestic rats, have destroyed fields and grocery stores.

As night falls, swarms of rats rush into crops and pits, devouring everything in their path, including power lines, without floating. They scratch the chick in a horrible mess. If the situation is calm during the day, you have to deal with the stench of their urine and rotting flesh. In places, the floors are littered with dead rats eaten by poisonous rats.

The event revolved around New South Wales. Usually, this happens every 10 years or so. But here, as a result of global warming, the southern winter, which began in May, is surprisingly mild and the continuum of rats is maintained. It is well suited for spring and breeding season. The number of rats at risk of out of control will increase tenfold.

State Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall said the region is facingThe Complete Economic and Social Crisis “. Justifies importing previously banned pesticide: Promadolone. This anti-freeze kills rodents only after a few days, which does not arouse their innate suspicion.

These products contain high levels of toxic chemicals that stay in the bodies of dead or dying rats for long periods of time, so some farmers are concerned that they could pose a risk to their predators, especially pets.

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