[Top 50] # 19: David Bhaktiyari, bodyguard career

[Top 50] # 19: David Bhaktiyari, bodyguard career

From May 15 to July 3, TDActu offers its top 50 NFL players. To get to this ranking, each member of the editorial staff voted for the 50 players who would be on their team to start the upcoming season. These rankings were later compiled and placed in the final 50 places. Opportunity to discuss, but provide 50 profiles for newcomers to the NFL.

David Bhaktiyari – Coping – Green Bay Packers

Identity Card : 29 years old – 1.93 cm – 143 kg

Draft: n ° 109 au 4er tour de la Draft 2013 – Colorado

Profile: First Team All-Pro (2018, 2020), Second Team All-Pro (2016, 2017, 2019), Pro Bowl (2016, 2019, 2020)

Why is he here?

David Bakhtiar, designed only in the 4th round of the 2013 draft, is what we call “stealing”. Following on the injury of Brian Bulaca, who was the fastest man of the season, he won immediately and did not leave the left side of the Wisconsin men’s lineup. As the official bodyguard of Aaron Rodges and the basic man of his line, he hides the blind side like anyone else. According to Pro Football Focus, he acknowledged only one excuse out of 420 photos by 2020. Fear.

But the talent of the player does not stop there. According to ESPN, he is ranked in the top 10 blocks in terms of success rate in the racing game. He proves that he does not restrain himself from being the defender of his quarterback. Since the arrival of Matt Laughlin and the development of the racing game, Bhaktiyari has made a lot of progress in this aspect of the game. He has become a key link in the coach’s new forms, contributing to Aaron Jones ’outstanding performances.

Named All Pro for the past five campaigns, he has established himself as one of the greatest challenges of his generation.

“I think he has the Hall of Fame energy,” Aaron Rodgers said of him. “He’s an incredible player. He is a rock for us. When he’s there, you’ll be more comfortable locking the bass rusher throughout the game. “

What is the purpose in 2021?

David Bakhtiar, about 30, must first recover from a knee injury he suffered before the playoffs and regain his position. After overtime last November, the position made him the best paid attacking player. If the latest information about his recovery is promising, he could miss the restart of the season. He will be back soon, great for his quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers’ absence was most felt in the final of the conference against the Buccaneers, who tormented the entire game. When he returns, after two defeats in a row, Green Bay may finally want to cross the last hurdle for the Super Bowl. Missing title from one of the best issues of the last 10 years.

Heard in the editorial

“Bhaktiyari Pass has the best defense and is advancing against the run in 2020. He will start the 2021 season with the status of the best cop in the league.” Raphael Masmajian

“I know who it is! “ Raul Villeroy

“David Bakhtiar Kal Troko seems to be defending his galley. I hope he will perform better in the end. “ Jean-Michel Bouchard.

“A top 3 block, the best every year.” Victor Rollier

General Classification

20. Josh Allen – QB, Bills
21. Ronnie Stanley – OT, Ravens
22. Minka Fitzpatrick – S, Steelers
23. Bobby Wagner – LP, Seahawks
24. Nick Posa – DE, 49ers
25. Chris Jones – DD, Chiefs
26. Tyric Hill – W.R., Chiefs
27. Deforest Buckner – DT, Golds
28. Xavier Howard – CB, Dolphins
29. Trent Williams – OT, 49ers
30. Christian McCaffrey – R.P., Panthers
31. Jair Alexander – CB, Packers
32. Dolvin Cook – RP, Vikings
33. Tyrone Mathew-S, Chiefs
34. Stephen Gilmore – C.P., Patriots
35. Darius Leonard – LP, Golds
36. Trey Davies White – CB, Bills
37. Joey Posa – DE, Chargers
38. Mike Evans – W.R., Buchanan
39. Julio Jones – W.R., Falcons
40. Justin Simmons – S, Broncos
41. Zach Martin – OG, Cowboys
42. Alvin Camara – R.P., Saints
43. Chandler Jones – DE, Cardinals
44. Jamal Adams – S, Seahawks
45. Chase Young – DE, football team
46. ​​Laont David – L.B., Buchananers
47. Nick Soup – R.P., Browns
48. Corey Linsley – C, Chargers
49. Lamar Jackson – QB, Ravens
50. Fred Warner – LP, 49ers

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