The Chinese are expanding their influence on sea ice

The Chinese are expanding their influence on sea ice

Story – 54 Antarctic Treaty Countries are currently discussing the future of the White Continent in Paris.

43 from the beginninge The meeting of the Antarctic Treaty, which takes place in Paris until June 24 and unites its 54 member states, China has created its own. “They asked us to change the timing of the discussions at home a little bit, and proposed a new formula for the diplomatic dialogue on climate already discussed with them. We will see an agreement on these points, but it shows that China wants to influence the results.2, explains a French negotiator. For sixty years, the White Continent has been a place dedicated to science and peace. But Beijing is using Antarctica to demonstrate its power, especially science, and influence international negotiations.

‚ÄúContrary to the rules of the Madrid protocol (It manages environmental impacts, Editor’s note), China begins construction of fifth science base on indescribable island, in the Gulf of Terra Nova on the Rose Sea, before submission

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