Parallel location .. An application that can run WhatsApp for two numbers on one phone

Parallel location .. An application that can run WhatsApp for two numbers on one phone

Most people have two mobile phone numbers, two numbers are on one phone, one is used for work, the other is a unique number and some may need to be activated. واتساب For two numbers, how is that possible? We will find out by following the next lines

Parallel location

The Arab technology news portal “Eye News” said: “In the race, everyone wanted to know how to run WhatsApp with two numbers, now it is possible on all Android phones, because companies put in them the feature of dual applications modified version of Android system. ”

According to the Arabic technology news portal, you can run dual apps on Android phones with an app called “Parallel Space”, which is one of the oldest apps that offers dual apps, and makes a full copy of your phone’s second version so you can install any app you want.

How to enable WhatsApp for two numbers on one phone:

You can use a second WhatsApp account by following these steps:

  • Install the parallel interval app from the Google Play Store.
  • When you start the app for the first time, it asks for a few permissions, be sure to grant them.
  • On the main page you will find a set of options for the applications installed on your phone, which you can clone in parallel and get a duplicate copy of them.
  • When you’re done selecting the apps you want to clone, click Add to Place.
  • Then go to the app’s homepage and find all the apps you copied here.
  • You can launch and sign in to the cloned app so you can use it as your only app.
  • The parallel space app cannot be used on iPhones, only on Android.

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