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Released in the United States in 2018, it is already at the center of many controversies around the world, and has even been banned from airing in some countries. Inspired by a true story, Trust me: the kidnapping of Lisa McVeigh We are drowning in the hell of a young American girl named Lisa McVeigh who was abducted, raped and tortured by an American serial killer in the 80s. If she comes out alive from this rather than the traumatic experience she has not escaped (so far from it) and especially struggles to convince the police that what she says is true!

A thrilling thriller that no one can finish

This is a fact: currently available in the UK, it is the least completed film by stage subscribers. Audiences who say they are deeply shocked to see films like this. If the film is disturbed a lot by its harsh, direct and cold aspect, it is shocking because it handles a true story, which is much less well known and deserves more light.

Directed by Jim Donovan, this film is a must watch to feel the courage that the real Lisa McVeigh can show, and especially not to forget her story (if you can finish it).


The audience opinion is unanimous: this film is disturbing, shocking, but worth seeing.

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